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How it works

Shopping for a TV or car tires?
Karrefour allows you to shop online at your local merchants to find the best price!

  1. 1- Identify what you are looking for!

    The first step is to fill a request indicating the product or service you wish to purchase by entering basic information, such as the description, value, quantity, etc.

  2. 2 - The work starts!

    Once the request is created, an auction is launched on Karrefour to allow local businesses to offer their best price.
    In order to increase your chances of getting the best price, Karrefour offers the opportunity for other buyers to join your request. Thus, more buyers who will join you and the better the prices offered by the merchants will be.

  3. 3 - The best price!

    Once the auction is complete, you receive an email with all the details of the best price you have obtained using Karrefour.The Email also includes an order for you to claim your purchase. You no longer have to run the stores looking for the best price. Karrefour does it for you! You save and merchants get new customers, a win-win solution!